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the accident at fukushima. >>> a senior white house official says u.s. president barack obama will visit asia in april of next year. national security adviser susan rice said the u.s. remains committed to rebalancing its security and economic priorities to the asia pacific region. >> to address emerging challenges as effectively as we deter conventional threats, we're urging our allies and partners to take greater responsibility for defending our common interests and values. >> rice expressed hope for japan's goal to launch a national security council that would oversee the country's foreign and security policies. rice mentioned china's increased maritime presence and said the u.s. is ready to help countries in the region communicate better to prevent contingencies. she called on all parties in the region to resolve issues based on the rule of law rather than through threats or aggressive actions. obama was forced to cancel his trip to southeast asia in october due to the partial government shutdown. a u.s. official told nhk the administration is now planning obama's trip but didn't specify w
beyond the two thousand for me. obama went off in less trouble is that by killing six people killed and twenty of us went unchecked. police say a vehicle exploded while they were suing. although no one has claimed responsibility for the blouse. police suspect in the town of them suicide bomber was responsible. things can occur at any of the lowly and chilled out last awesome place. next to us bank officials will meet to discuss a controversial security agreement with the united states the security of gold would allow us forces who pay enough damage on the final withdrawal of may to lead a multinational troops at the end of next year. i have gone to target any office of its upcoming national assembly. if it approves the ugly. and the eye japan's prime minister she was a lot and his cambodian counterpart who sam have agreed to work together in a economic and medical and outs to the hazmat team called themselves the. they agreed that it will all fell official development assistance and support for infrastructure development and education. built on greed of the japan will provide a and
.s. president barack obama got on the phone with him to offer his reassurances. obama told netanyahu that the major powers will pursue a lasting peaceful and comprehensive solution and israel has good reason to be skeptical about iran's intentions but wants u.s. and israeli officials to begin consultations on the deal immediately. those who follow the talks have doubts of their own. one specialist on middle eastern affairs. >> first of all, the iranians agreed to a certain extent that they would cap the ability to enrich uranium to a certain amount and also to a certain degree of the enrichment level and that's sort of a positive sign, because the international community was weary that iran would some how and some day try to enrich its uranium to a high weapons grade, and that's not likely to happen now. the other part of the agreement, which is very important, is that they have also agreed to seize the operation, construction operation, at the iraq heavy water reactor, and again, this was supposed to be producing plutonium by the end of next year, and that also means that the risk o
's how the proportion in april twenty ten about me and after obama took office the sinking of a piece on the american intelligence leak and blitz spirit and sixty percent said they think he's a key route. the need to mention the color onto reports claimed the us national security agency eavesdropping charleston and the americas mobile phone calls. investigators say the debate hasn't once assassinate it. the study does scientific report that shows against arafat's body contained having the chance to present. and they're pointing the finger to playing at the spell. you know who. this really is the only suspect in the death of arafat. when will he be obedient. there are investigators say aha. chloe did not die of natural causes they say the evidence and was in confirms their suspicion he was smacked at nbc they'll try to find out who killed them and how. some people speculated on a hunt was smooth and even census data in two thousand and four swiss forensic experts announced the findings of the investigation and yet this week he said. polonium in arafat's body was eighteen times higher t
kerry kerry o'keeffe he's not perfect and i am impressed. these direct channel to president obama may help her make up for lack of experience. keep it a couple who take up the phone and probably to the president of the man says president obama would directly outside so in that respect i think you with the presence of an across the us. in japan and the role she declared her. in the use of conduct. well your monitor. nbc to content successful the result of the taller of the legendary different. turn ambassador to japan will be one of the house to watch and not like ever. junior toronto nhk world tokyo. that was the areas devastated by the two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami we apologize for that error. in i do. two big rivals won a thrilling finale in japan's last grand sumo tournament of the year. nhk roast your mari to join this earlier to tell us how it all ended. in the final a day that to you was not hungry hole and hide among the two are tied for first place each with just one loss. the pace tell each other on the final day on sunday all all the marbles. a win here woul
obama is asking lawmakers to pause before they push for more sanctions on iran. he says tightening the restrictions could interfere with the talks in geneva. obama met with a group of influential senators at the white house. press secretary jay carney says obama asked them to let negotiators try to win some concessions first. >> the president underscored that in the absence of a first step, iran will continue to make progress on its nuclear program. >> many lawmakers, both democrats and republicans, oppose easing sanctions. some are coming under pressure from israeli lobbyists. iranian leaders do not recognize israel as a state and have threatened to wipe it off the map. >>> the philippine government says the death toll from typhoon haiyan has topped 4,000. about 1,600 people are still unaccounted for. the typhoon slammed into the central philippines on november 8th, unleashing much of its force on leyte island. the national disaster risk and management council updated its casualty report on wednesday. it said 4,011 people have been confirmed dead, and 18,557 others injured. 3,310
banking committee will hold a hearing on president barack obama nomination of janet allen as the new federal reserve chair she's not and vice chair. if confirmed by the senate she would succeed chairman ben burning tea at the us central bank. at the latest in business. alivia with a check on markets the man. two people being killed in a shooting spree at a large house party. enid the southern us state of texas authorities say gunfire rang out late saturday night at a home in the houston found at about one hundred people were attending a birthday party at the house from what we've learned sometime during the party a pin shots were fired inside the house. with the victims trying to come on a house at one time. pretty chaotic scene. local media before the shooting lasted for about five minutes. police say least twenty two people were injured and that they were stitching for two suspects students and human rights activists have discussed ways to stop the spread of hate speech. the council of europe our three day meeting in strasbourg france the conference attracted over one hundred and f
that the barack obama spitfire next to it that all is said chat. she just testified before people who could confirm or deny her nomination i achieve that has been filling the hearing for estelle aside what the un have to think what the fish really clear that her focus is getting the jobless rate down which is in line with the current chair ben bernanke he stands in awe also in line with the britain of speech that she released the day before the hearing which means a gallon if indicating that the federal reserve will keep its monetary easing in place until the economic recovery becomes more solid. guillen spoke at her confirmation hearing and the senate banking committee unemployment is damp from the peak of ten percent. but the tipping point three percent in october. it is still too high. the federal reserve is using its monetary policy tools to promote a more robust recovery. a strong recovery will ultimately enable the bid to reduce its monetary accommodation. and its reliance on unconventional policy tools such as asset purchases. some senators expressed concern that the long monetary ea
engagement. just to satisfy any coaching team teams on camp in the horizon is. the last fenced in back obama reacted positively to the agreement in a statement on sat to die. while today's announcement is just a first step. it achieves a great deal. for the first time in nearly a decade we have halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program the key parts of the program will be rolled back. obama said iran must change to the wild at the country's nuclear program will be only for peaceful purposes. he and extensions can be strengthened if iran fails to comply with the agreement russian foreign ministry statement said the damage is quite long then han to breach the agreement. it's that there is held in geneva is a big treat for all countries in the bone. the ministry said the deal will increase security in the middle east and strengthen the case is both an amount that is international relations the russian ministry sent the essence of the agreement is that it acknowledges a bomb has been nineteen uk development for peaceful purposes and intentional on a tree. he was here in az has been call
president barack obama is conducting a thorough review of the spying to avoid creating anymore concern. >>> government officials here are looking to overhaul the operator of japan's crippled nuclear plant. aiuchida joins us from the business desk. >>> ministry officials want to divide up the operations and create a unit to deal with decommissioning the crippled reactors at fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. the officials want tepco executives to review how their company is organized. then the officials aim to split it up. they want to create one firm for decommissioning the operation and other for nuclear power generation, thermal power generation, and transmission. the ministry officials believe the structure would make it easier to manage the work at the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant and deal with the reactors. they also say forming a holding company would allow tepco to better manage each unit and make it easier for the firm to cut costs. meanwhile, the government has indicated its willingness to consider providing funding to clean up the aftermath of the fukushima daiichi nuclear d
. the unnamed official in the obama administration said the u.s. will ease economic sanctions if the iranians put a freeze on the program. iranian negotiators are meeting in geneva with their counterparts from the u.s. and five other global powers. president hasan rouhani has been trying to improve his country's standing, and the iranians presented a new proposal in talks last month to try to move the negotiations forward. they're believed to have offered to down size their uranium enrichment program. the other negotiators fear iranian scientists may be processing uranium for use in weapons. the white house says if they stop expanding the program, u.s. officials will be offering targeted relief on sanctions, the sanction on the banking and oil sectors have crippled the economy. >>> senior diplomats from united states, japan and south korea have sat down together in washington. they exchanged views on restarting the six-party talks on north korea's nuclear program and reaffirmed their position that the north's leaders must first make progress toward denuclearization. the participants included
's economy. u.s. president barack obama says there is a possibility that relaxation of sanctions could be phased in. >> we can provide them some very modest relief, but keeping the sanctions -- keeping the core sanctions in place. >> the iranian foreign minister has also expressed hopes of clinching an agreement. >> i believe if there is a political rift, we can have something we can call an agreement, that is mutually acceptable to all. >> sources close to the talks say the two sides still remain apart on how sanctions can be lifted, but negotiators hope john kerry's participation will add momentum to the talks. hardliners in iran are warning people not to be deceived by the overtures from the u.s. and its allies. they're trying to renew the anti-american campaign symbolized by the seizure three decades ago. they want to reverse the public opinion spurred on by the election of hassan rouhani. >> reporter: banners have been brought down across the capital. >> translator: there used to be an anti-u.s. banner by that monitor. we've obviously taken it down. >> reporter: young iranians are
district contends that the negotiations real close you could ask for president obama and the last ppp from it. he should call couldn't get them and are going to be able to create a pompous weekend is here. and hammer out a full fledged agreement she asians need to have time frame is in order to drive the process forward it's important to complete this negotiation but the pm will only completed negotiations if it can be a high quality agreement. so um it's it's never been the case that there was a desire to have an agreement to meet high standards that we can win i'm optimistic we can recycle them and they did the deadlines are helpful especially when you know that i'm in any negotiation is the last few weeks of the hardest to get into the last few weeks has alot to do when you join this issues unresolved i could carry me conclude this trouble to singapore malaysia and yet not get into the air america's relationship with the asian countries. and these albums charts. i was undermined by the us crisis because the crying nhk world tokyo. eye. the former prime minister of thailand has spent yea
to serve as ambassador on behalf of us president barack obama. i do not think. i'm also proud to carry forward my father's legacy service. yet how to be the first united states president's visit. so as the special honor for me to be able to work to strengthen the close ties between our two great country japanese chief cabinet secretary yoshida said no said he welcomes her appointment they do docomo will kennedy's close to the president. so i'm confident she'll be over kobe japan position to him and help the us relations. i need to be i can choose the right person for the job in india so she takes. kennedy is the first female us ambassador to japan. she is little diplomatic or political experience but is well known at home and abroad south korean prosecutors say former pres didn't know what sean ordered his aides to delete the minutes of the inter korean summit talks held sixty years ago bay and guided the two former aides to the late president for discarding the draft minutes the central district prosecutor's office announced the results of an investigation into the missing missing th
concerns that the negotiations may have slowed due to the absence of president obama from the last t.p.p. summit, but he showed confidence that the member nations will be able to conclude the talks within this year and hammer out a full-fledged agreement. >> negotiations need to have time frames in order to drive the process forward. it's important to complete this negotiation, but, you know, we'll only complete a negotiation if it can be a high quality agreement, so it's never been the case that there was a desire to have an agreement that didn't meet the high standards that we began with. i'm optimistic we can reach that goal, and i do think deadlines are helpful, especially when you know that in any negotiation it's the last few weeks that are the hardest, so getting to the last few weeks has a lot to do with when you join those issues and resolve them. >> reporter: secretary lew continues his travel to singapore, malaysia, and vietnam. he's aiming to reaffirm u.s. relationships with asian countries and reestablish the trust that was undermined by the u.s. debt crisis. nhk world,
.s. president barack obama. >> i'm also proud to carry forward my father's legacy of public service. he had hoped to be the first united states president to visit japan. so it is a special honor for me to be able to work to strengthen the close ties between our two great countries. >> chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga said he welcomes her appointment. >> translator: kennedy is close to the president, so i'm confident she'll be able to convey japan's position to him and help boost relations. i think she's the right person for the job. >> kennedy is the first female u.s. ambassador to japan. she has little diplomatic or political experience but is well known at home and abroad. >>> japan's nikkei average rallied, and that spilled over to some of the other asian markets. ron madison has been following the trading action. ron. >> yeah, that's right, big day for the japanese market. you have to go all the way back to may to see the kind of levels that the nikkei was hitting today. a lot of that had to do with the weaker yen. markets really being driven now by expectations that the world's m
a security agreement after the election is over. rice express the strong opposition of the obama administration to kyle's eyes conditions and timetable. she said oh that's the deal is signed quickly the us would have but to stop funding the so called cerro option the withdrawal from afghanistan. the touted on the stepping up its campaign of violence. the eos is a glory that the us these completely. the country could return to see the war the ongoing diplomatic battle is between washington and kabul had even more uncertainty to an already unstable nation. the stock eased up. nhk lord. that wraps up our pool. in bangkok in true country. more than we want to do. largest democracy. the word region's culture and religion investors are increasing the property december's japanese health ministry officials say blood donated by an hiv positive man slipped through safety checks may say the red cross used to it in transfusions for two people on that one now has the virus. the donor was in his forties reportedly gave blood to the organization and every third cross then pass it on to two peop
would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. bots. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never know. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye and pe empower women to empower the while thinking. routing you
is clueless on the facts pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif the last month old us president barak obama who paint the stripes in all this. by this time and the next case. the strong ongoing competition and open each. what has been so patient. your support of the usual norms in the meeting. emphasizing the need for an end to such strikes. all walmart declined to say to you is will change its policy . in pakistan. anger over the top seeded whose operations. he's on the right. at the in the blue line joining in and tried room. many kenyans them about two we used to go sch. his cousin laurie has eased onto the bar. sixteen and that i and he can be seen in these and a cheerful th. just read this line to offer rich coming from all of this pack is found. he's died when i knew a storm tide. the car he was caving in. his cows and say is he has no idea on why the teenagers we could watch our car. many innocent citizens have been killed indiscriminately. the people who live here are furious the united states and show no sign of stopping the secret to long tights more and more pakistanis are experienci
they might relax sanctions that have crippled iran's economy us president barack obama says there is a possibility that a relaxation of sanctions could be phased in we can provide them some very modest. police. but given the sanctions architecture imports keeping for sanctions in place iranian foreign minister mohamed job i'm sorry it has also expressed hopes of reaching an agreement we continue through the loot the time. however this only be gone again. i had to lose a lot. sources close to the talks say the two sides remain a part on how sanctions can be lifted but negotiators hope the participation of the foreign ministers will add momentum to the talks. us secretary of state gary has apparently been trying to reassure israel about the possibility of lifting sanctions against iran that israel is sticking to a hard line. the year's top diplomat met israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu earlier on friday after meeting kerry netanyahu said the west should show more caution in dealing with iran not to run with our lives. to reconsider that was used to that the deal. the i
survivors continued to line up at the airport and tackle obama on leave the island they say they're hoping to get space on a plane to escape the ruined city non league or not the eight on the bikini here the air the bad. a disaster management officials on monday morning breeze the death toll from typhoon honey and two three thousand nine hundred seventy six more than eighteen thousand are injured in nearly sixteen hundred are still missing. us navy sea hawk helicopters flew food and other emergency supplies to places including the town of san jose. the us agency for international development is increasing financial support for the disaster response to a new total of thirty seven million dollars. japanese av has also reached our globe on tents water filters and sleeping mats were among the supplies. meaning that the keywords during the tsunami you was that it was unexpected i felt the same when i came here all this was beyond which could predict. we came by road or mountain to cool down the journey was over one hundred km. everything was totally destroyed. many survivors who we will ha isla
of rain since sunday is almost equivalent to obama and the people for november. the crown is very well saturated the same conditions for the next several hours or face the potential flies as well as land size and tornados and oh so pale and not consecration on the flip side of town that look like you to all current conditions sunny skies that we have to ryanair advisories by the post that said what's that when you spy near. across the continent that we are seeing a high pressure system dominated most of the tennis ball in the korean peninsula that it's not actually good news for people it in the eastern part of china because current conditions are creating an air quality once again especially in keeping province. then courses now we have a strong low pressure system causing heavy rain played bass for them only in his lap. l the course that the real thing holding a watching anti climatic since then a cool with her and i still intend to find bright not very rough conditions of reading occurring across the east coast of india bank become the savior cycling exploring and then they make lan
not good enough. this is seen obama luciano announced on wednesday that mitre and intelligence exchanges with australia had been suspended australian prime minister ten the average has expressed every correction of an embarrassment course you did you know it is on a date that he has refused to comment on australian intelligence activities and resisted pressure to apologize the screen to block pop up when it's not a charity or someone you can call. you do two struggling with he told its citizens to whom and to increasing the rate of one of the entropy. she will come so don't open til tuesday the world. south korea's population is aging rapidly just like its neighbors japan and china last year the nation's birth rate fell below one point three percent the lowest of the organization for economic cooperation and development the government is trying to encourage people to have more babies but it's having little success. who has come up with the new strategy its abiding in thousands of foreigners in g it was as cool these kong jr the seventy thousand voting the money. he's the one time all thi
by the obama prepares to election financing. voting is finalize the constituency is so lawmaker will disease requiring nothing much right now it's anyone's guess about which way this will go. a son killed the king nhk world tokyo. all high courts across the country are expected to hand down judgments on the upper house election law suits by late next month struggling with he told its citizens to whom and in increasing the rate of one of the entropy. she will come so don't open til tuesday every weekday from going into the world needs. thai prime ministry election no one has called on protesters occupying government buildings to go home she addressed the nation hours after surviving a no confidence vote in parliament crocodiles in a bangkok has more details. mr has survived a no confidence motion but thousands of protesters calling her to quit showing no sign of backing down their continuing since i've got the buildings in bangkok and on thursday aiming to cut off the lake. this is part of the headquarters of the greats. when protesters are on a tiny town of the finance ministry and one hundr
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)